Pricing: Subscription Packages (effective January 2014)

5 Subscription Packages!

With one that is right for you now. And you can always upgrade later.

A number of monthly subscription packages are available for the Bridgelin Platform, with one just right for your needs. And you can upgrade your package as your needs grow.

All packages include:

  • Hosting
  • One domain name
  • Up to 50 email accounts
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • A password-protected private area
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Online user guide
  • Training

Visit for details on each module and design option.

A) Content Management:
     $20/mth + $120 one-time setup

You get a robust easy-to-use Content Management System that includes an unlimited number of pages as well as a News Section and Event Calendar. 

B) Content + Newsletter:
     $40/mth + $240 one-time setup

Add in your email list and start sending a regular newsletter using the News and Events content of your website, saving you loads of time and effort. Reporting on 'open rates' is included. 

C) Content + Newsletter + Directory + Advertising:
     $80/mth + $480 one-time setup

With a Bridgelin Directory added to your site you can provide a wealth of information to your visitors. Give your members the opportunity to properly showcase their businesses, including logo, images, coupons and much more. And generate additional revenue by offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities. 

D) Content + Newsletter + Directory + Advertising + Forms & Registration:
     $100/mth + $600 one-time setup

Have people register and pay for your Events. Conduct Contests. Sign up for membership. Collect award nominations. Conduct surveys. Get feedback. Works with PayPal (ask us about other payment mechanisms). 

E) Content + Newsletter + Directory + Advertising + Forms & Registration + Invoicing:
     $150/mth + $900 one-time setup

Now make it easy to invoice and collect payment for membership renewals and other activities. Works with PayPal (ask us about other payment mechanisms). 

Pricing Notes:

  • Custom pricing is available for multiple website orders.
  • You can choose either the easy-to-use fixed design option (B1) or the flexible design option (B2) and switch at any time for no additional charge.
  • Your one-time setup charge includes training.
  • These rates do not include design, content or data preparation. Ask us about these and other services, including custom programming.
  • These prices are subject to change without notice and will apply to new websites only. Established Bridgelin Clients will not be subject to any price increases, save for cost of living, and may take advantage of price reductions.
  • Applicable taxes are extra.